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2.  Marketing Plan

  • Maximum exposure of your home to all facets of the marketplace is our standard, and with advantages like the #1 Brokerage Search Site, we can tap into nationwide networking and web exposure.

  • Time is of the essence, and meeting periodically to review market conditions & showing feedback will help you and your agent adjust market strategy as needed to get your home sold.

Maximize the Value of Your Home

1.  Property Enhancement

  • De-cluttering, removing personal items, deep cleaning and staging will help buyers focus on the important attributes of your property like design & condition. Click here to view Home Enhancement Checklist

  • Access to a list of reliable and dependable home improvement workers, repairmen, and technicians.

  • Our Agents may make recommendations for minor repairs and improvements to help sell your property for the highest price possible, and minimize surprises that may show up on an inspection.

3.  Structuring the Sale

  • The value of a ReMax Agent comes to light when it is time to negotiate and structure the sale. Namely, carefully reviewing and presenting all offers for you to consider, qualifying prospective buyers, and negotiating the strongest terms to create a solid transaction that will close on time without any surprises.

4. Pricing Your Home

  • An In-Depth Market Evaluation is a crucial first step in marketing your home, and is based on an array of factors including location, condition, style, and local market conditions.  More than just a number, this evaluation is a strategy to sell your home, and an estimate of expenses & costs to show you the bottom line.

​5.  Transaction Management

  • Doing more from For Sale to Sold means staying on top of all the important details to ensure your real estate transaction closes in a timely fashion with as little stress as possible. Your agent will be in constant contact with all parties to the transaction such as lenders, title, agents, inspectors & appraisers to keep your transaction on task and on time

6.  Inspections

  • Our agents are here to help make the most out of your home inspection. With the majority of buyers choosing to have an inspection done, this is a chance to be proactive. Your agent will have insight into the inspection process and help you negotiate any repairs or terms that may arise, and provide you with access to reputable repairmen.

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Property Enhancement
Marketing Plan
Structuring the Sale
Pricing Your Home
Transaction Management
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