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2022 RE/MAX Professionals Ads by Kids

This year the kids went above and beyond making their ads!

Every year our office looks forward to the Ads by Kids publication that is put out by the Gillette News Record. This year some very talented 5th graders at Lakeview Elementary drew ads for RE/MAX Professionals. These kids and their art teacher spend time making each picture the perfect ad for a local business -- the ads for RE/MAX were so good this year!

We LOVED looking through them so much we wanted to share them!

Each picture held so much personality that it was impossible to choose a favorite! They all held the essence of RE/MAX and what we do everyday.

Our community in Gillette is absolutely AMAZING at getting all ages of people involved and active in the city! We love watching the events happen every year!

A HUGE thank you to the students and their wonderful teacher for these ads!

Enjoy all of the pictures!


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